At Heart-n-Hand Ministries, Inc., we are trying to create what is called Supportive Housing. It is for the general homeless at large. This is NOT a homeless shelter.

This is housing with accountability.

In a designated period of time, this would give direction to someone who has become homeless and needs help to get back on track. It would alleviate the pressure of not having shelter until they can redevelop or recuperate from the situation that caused the homeless state they are in.


  • Approximately 13,000 people do not have a permanent home in our Cass County region
  • And at least half of those people are homeless for the first time this year
  • 50% of homeless are employed but do not earn enough to pay for a home and utilities
  • 94% of the homeless do not choose to live a homeless lifestyle
  • 51% of the people currently being served at Heart-n-Hand are using the program for the first time
  • Average age of a homeless person is 9 years old


What we are NOT trying to create.

We are not trying to create homeless shelter. These are places found in urban cities that people without homes can stay in during the night. Some shelters are open during the day for those who need refuge 24 hours. Shelters offer people a safe place to stay and a bed to sleep in. Anyone who is homeless can stay at these establishments; no one is turned away generally. Some are only for men or women.


Why supportive housing works:

By providing homeless people with supportive housing and access to resources such as drug and alcohol counselors, support groups and training for jobs, supportive housing can help rehabilitate some of the people that engage in our programs. If a person is dedicated to getting back on his feet, he can use the resources provided to him for help. Many people see supportive housing as a positive way to keep displaced people off the streets, but these places truly provide more than that. They give support and can help the 50% of homeless who do not wish to be homeless, get back to living their lives as productive citizens in the community.

Why supportive housing in Cass County?

With the every growing employment rate and financial spiral in which our country is in, homelessness is prevalent in our rural area. In Cass County, the population has always been here, but now it is growing rapidly. Our homelessness looks different that the urban view downtown big cities. We have people/families living with people/families and yes, even in cars, buildings and parks.

 What can I do?

Get involved.  We have many volunteer opportunities and many donating opportunities. Call us today at 816-322-1133 or  email us, to set up an opportunity to work in your community, today.