When you partner with Heart-n-Hand Ministries, Inc., you join a movement to change not only the lives of individual people in desperate need, but entire families, a community, and even a city. You may find information, insight and training here that you can use to be a more effective servant of Christ as well.

What we do together is an example for the world. If you hear God’s calling as we do to this crucial mission field, join us now! God is going to use your efforts large and small for amazing results.

What’s In It For You?

As you connect with people in need and see what a difference your efforts make, you’ll be blessed with a new perspective, a sense of purpose, more confidence and a deeper connection to Christ.


 There are many opportunities to give:

  • Give items to the food pantry
  • Give items to the thrift store
  • Give new product to Herat-n-Hand Ministies
  • Support our Back to School fair with school supplies
  • Support our Thanksgiving Basket program with Thanksgiving dinner type food.
  • Support our Christmas assistance program with new toys

Get involved. Call us today at 816-322-1133 or  email us, to set up an opportunity to work for your community, today.