Let us help your company care for the hungry and prevent homelessness. You’ll be amazed how your leadership can add up to a lot of changed lives. Here are a few ideas:

Match Your Employees’ Gifts
When you match gifts from your employees Heart-n-Hand Ministries, you empower them to double their impact – and that’s a valuable benefit they will appreciate. You’ll encourage generosity among your staff and at the same time show that you are a company that cares for those in greatest need. If you already have a matching program, just be sure to include The Heart-n-Hand Ministries in your list of acceptable charities. If you would like to start a matching program, please contact us at (816) 322-1133 or via email.

Grant Funding
Heart-n-Hand Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with programs and services that often fit the focus of corporate giving programs. To invite us to submit a proposal for funding, contact us at (816) 322-1133 or via email.

Event or Outreach Sponsorship
For years, Heart-n-Hand Ministries has been providing backpacks filled with school supplies, holiday dinners and Christmas presents to the less fortunate. Your company can encourage a team spirit by sponsoring one of these outreaches. We also have fundraising events throughout the year where corporate sponsorship can give you visibility in the community as a caring business, while at the same time contributing to the event’s success. For current sponsorship opportunities, contact us at (816) 322-1133 or via email.

Corporate Volunteering
Sharing your time and talents together by volunteering at Heart-n-Hand Ministries is a great way to boost morale and inspire cooperation. And there is always something to do at The Heart-n-Hand Ministry L.I.F.T. house! You can help with working in the food pantry, building maintenance, feeding the homeless, provide medical or educational support, work at an event or organize a project of your own. Contact us at (816) 322-1133 or via email to see how your company can get involved!

Corporate Gifts-In-Kind
Your donations of home furnishings, appliances and other surplus inventory or no longer needed items help keep costs down so more resources are available to care for people in need. We also need toiletries, diapers and cleaning supplies on an ongoing basis.

If your company would like to host a drive or has goods on hand to donate, please contact us at (816) 322-1133.